How to buy a domain name from someone who already owns it?

In 6 simple steps:

  1. Agree a price with the person who owns the domain name.
  2. Choose a method of payment that offers some recourse if the seller does not deliver the domain name. For example, PayPal have a dispute resolution service.

Another popular method is The buyer pays, by submitting payment to a secure Escrow Account. then verifies the payment and notifies the Seller that funds have been secured ‘In Escrow’. The Seller submits the authorisation code to, which releases the funds to the seller from the Escrow Account, and the authorisation code to the buyer.

  1. The transfer process will depend on which registrar the domain is currently registered with, and where you want the domain name to transfer to, because the process for handling domain transfers is slightly different for each registrar.
  2. You will need to the domain’s authorisation code (also referred to as an EEP code) from the seller’s registrar. Authorisation codes are basically a password for the domain, serving as an extra security measure.
  3. Once the transfer has been initiated the existing registrar will send an email confirmation to the administrative contact on the domain record as a security precaution to ensure validity of the domain name transfer.
  4. Some registrars have security procedures that prevent the transfer of a domain name until it has been owned for at least 60 days. Which basically means that if the domain name has been recently bought by the person selling it, then you will need to wait for an additional 60 days before it can be transferred on to you.