Franchising services

From cleaning services to food outlets, our team of franchise solicitors act for franchisees and franchisors of any size and at any stage of their business lifecycle.

We have a broad range of expertise which covers franchise agreement drafting or reviews, leases, employment law, disputes and mediation, trademarks, business sales and purchases and much more.

For franchisors:

A robust franchise agreement from the outset protects a franchise system and can nip any problems in the bud. Our team of solicitors can make your agreement clear, concise and watertight as well as being written in plain English. We can provide a full range of legal requirements to make sure your business starts on the right track and stays there until the time is right to sell your franchise network.

For franchisees:

Investing into a franchise business can be a significant financial decision and you need to know that you investment is protected. The franchise agreement can appear full of legal jargon and full of ‘hidden nasties’, so before you commit to long-term conditions our specialist solicitors can guide you through the jargon and explain what the franchise agreement actually says. We can provide a fixed fee review service, to allow you to negotiate with confidence with the franchise owner. Our team has a wide range of experience across all business sectors and franchise businesses.

How can we help?

A ‘business-format franchise’ is the name given to a franchise system where the franchisee operates a business based on a franchise system that is largely prescribed by the franchisor. The role of the franchisor is to set out the A to Z of the business system under a uniform brand. The franchisee will independently own and manage their business on a day-to-day basis while appearing to the outside world as if they are part of a bigger brand.

Subway doesn’t simply franchise sandwiches, and Kall Kwik doesn’t franchise printing. What they provide to their franchisees is a complete business system for delivering branded products and services. It is the franchisee’s delivery of a franchisor’s standards that produces consistency – and is a key factor in the franchisee’s business success. A responsible franchise owner will ensure that the franchisee receives ongoing training and support in the independent management of their franchise business.

What are the pitfalls of a franchise agreement?

Franchise agreements are drafted by the franchisor’s legal team to protect the franchisor but, nevertheless, they need to strike a balance that benefits franchisees.

Owning an exclusive territory is a big plus for any franchisee. But not all franchise systems are operated on this model. Sometimes having the right to trade under a household brand is the most important element to a franchisee. Franchise agreements usually contain a right of renewal in favour of a franchisee, often subject to the proviso that the franchisee has complied with the franchise agreement and performed well.