About David Hughes

For 7 years, David Hughes ran Canopy Law, the St Albans corporate law boutique that completely replaced the billable hour with fixed pricing. The firm provided fixed-price company law help equally to multi million pound corporates and dozens of smaller owner managed businesses.

Clients frequently describe David as ‘unlawyerly’ and ‘refreshing’ which David regards as worthy praise. He’s spoken to networking groups on topics as varied as shareholder agreements, GDPR, the future of lawyers and how to value a business. He now works part-time as a solicitor and part-time as a legal writer.

David’s first second book, Shareholder Agreements: The 30 Minute Guide (Endless Bookcase, 2016), is a plain-English guide to shareholder agreements between company owners. It is top of its category on Amazon. He is working on a dummies guide to company reorganisations.

David began blogging in 2011 with his thoughts and comments on the changing face of the UK legal industry and the steps that law business owners can take to modernise. It covers innovations in pricing and adapting business models for lawyers.

Shareholder Agreements: the 30 minute guide

Kindle Edition £4.99
Paperback from £9.95

“This book explains in easy to understand language what a Shareholder Agreement does, the common clauses it contains and when it is best to put one in place.”

Reorganising Company Shares: the 30 minute guide