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Do You Fear What You Stand For? Shake It Off!


The two most scary things in business, according to surveys of business professionals, are public speaking and walking into a room full of strangers….. more scary even that the prospect of your business failing? Why? Why is that? Why do people sometimes always seem to be talking about certain law firms (your competitors) and not [...]


The ABS Bubble? An Investor’s Guide to Buying a Law Firm

Business Models Law Firm Exit Strategy Law Firm Management

Is it just me or are you struck by the number of law firms that are confidently talking up their ABS futures in the legal press? There appears to be a long (and very public) list of law firms who are soon-to-be ABS pioneers. But who are the investors that will be pumping money into [...]


Too Many Partners: The Great Pyramid?

Business Models Law Firm Management

You may have heard this one before…….. A man walks into a pet shop and find himself standing in front of a cage looking at a young monkey. The monkey is frantically busy. He looks a bit harder and it has legal papers all over the bottom of his cage and it is is scribbling [...]


Keeping motivated to change

Business Owner Motivation

Becoming the law firm of the future is not easy. It is relentlessly depressing some days. The easiest thing is to follow the path that has already been laid. Sometimes, you need some words of encouragement. Here is a great motivational piece from Forest Whitaker. “How many people in this room have ever had one [...]


What Is The Real Price Of Six Minutes, Anyway?

Business Models

Do you remember the Mastercard “PRICELESS” adverts: “There’s some things in life that money can’t buy, for everything else there’s Mastercard”. The central message there (I guess, apart from encouraging us into debt) is that sometimes the price of something and the actual value it carries do not correlate. What’s the value of 6 minutes [...]


Why Fee-Earners Struggle To Cross-Sell

Business Models Fee Earners Hourly Billing Law Firm Management

SJ Berwin, it seems, are the latest law firm to notice that their lawyers act as ‘silos’ and are not maximising the opportunities to promote the firm’s services to existing clients. The need to ‘cross-sell’ is drummed into lawyers at every firm – this current drive by SJ Berwin is just another attempt to address [...]


What Broke The Solicitors Firm Business Model? It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Rocket Lawyer™

Business Models Disrupted Industries Distribution Models Law Firm Management

When did the solicitors firm business model break? Perhaps it was broken even before the credit crunch hit? What was the final straw? If the average solicitors firm was one of your work colleagues, he (of course, it would be a HE) would be the slightly awkward co-worker who has been at the company forever. [...]


The Revenge Of The Billable Hour

Business Models Fee Earners Law Firm Management

I love applying sporting analogies to business. If sport is a metaphor for life, then it comfortably takes business within its stride. Next time you read about a young chief executive coming under flack while trying to turn around a stagnant company, think of Andres Villas Boas struggling to have an impact on an aging [...]


The Problem With Solicitors’ Websites

Customer Experience Marketing Selling Legal Services Solicitors Websites

Have you ever played the ‘Whose Website Is It Anyway?’ game. Step 1: Ask a colleague to take some text from the ‘About Us’ page of three law firm websites and delete any reference to the firm’s name; Step 2: Try and name each firm. Ready… Firm 1: “We have a reputation for providing an [...]


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