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David Hughes

Company Law Solicitor

David Hughes is a company & commercial law solicitor, representing business owners from family managed businesses to the owners of the London Aquarium.

Company Law services

David is a solicitor for Perrin Myddelton Solicitors in Hertfordshire, England...... and offers great [fixed price] services to clients through that firm

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Shareholder Agreements

Managing the business relationship between joint partners in a company - this is done via a shareholder agreement - which is sometimes referred to as a 'living will' for company owners.

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Business Transfers

Helping company owners through the process of buying or selling a business.

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Company Law

Money is often tight when in start-up mode. I provide a free legal surgery via STANTA (St Albans Enterprise Agency) for new businesses. What happens at a clinic appointment? We spend about 15-30 minutes with you giving basic advice on the next steps to take to solve your legal issue. To make a booking email: advice@stanta.co.uk


Here are some of the books David has worked on

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Shareholder Agreements

This book explains in easy to understand language what a Shareholder Agreement does, the common clauses it contains and when it is best to put one in place

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The Business Vaue Myth

How smart businesses sell for mega bucks and others fail to sell at all

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GDPR & Email Marketing

A picture book for busy business owners who cant be ars*d to read about the new General Data Protection Regulation

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The 30 minute guide to share re-organisations

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